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Table 1 Statistical comparison of cell viability over time in different suspension media

From: Viability of equine mesenchymal stem cells during transport and implantation

Suspension media P value Suspension media P value
BMA D10 <0.001 D10 Serum 0.021
Serum n/s PRP <0.001
PRP n/s Plasma n/s
Plasma 0.001 HA n/s
HA 0.01 Saline n/s
Saline <0.001 Frozen n/s
Frozen <0.001 Serum PRP n/s
PRP Plasma 0.045 Plasma n/s
HA n/s HA n/s
Saline 0.007 Saline n/s
Frozen <0.001 Frozen 0.001
Plasma HA n/s HA Saline n/s
Saline n/s Frozen n/s
Frozen n/s Saline Frozen n/s
  1. BMA, bone marrow aspirate; D10, Dulbecco’s Modified Eagle Medium supplemented with 10% foetal bovine serum; HA, hyaluronic acid; n/s, no significant difference; PRP, platelet-rich plasma.