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Figure 3

From: Gene expression-based enrichment of live cells from adipose tissue produces subpopulations with improved osteogenic potential

Figure 3

Osteogenic differentiation of alkaline phosphatase liver/bone/kidney-sorted stromal vascular fraction cells. (A) Osteogenic ALPL+ cells produced significantly more matrix than any other group. Raw absorbance values for all groups were normalized within donors to their respective osteogenic, unsorted samples to allow for relative comparisons. (B) While trends among sorted groups remained the same when separating data by donor, extensive variability in matrix production was observed, with some donor cell populations being especially productive and others relatively dormant. Two-way analysis of variance with Holm–Sidak post hoc test determined significance among sorted groups (*P <0.05). ALPL, alkaline phosphatase liver/bone/kidney.

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